Bhavini's Batata Poha

Vegetarian Vegan Batata / Potato Poha Indian Breakfast
Bhavini's Batata Poha
I got something truly amazing from this blog - my friend Bhavini! She is a friend of my husband's, but we were not in contact before this blog because she had already moved to another state by the time my husband and I got married and we never got the chance to meet. She discovered my blog through my husband and we started bonding over our common love - food! Food may have brought us together but her kindness, compassion, creativity, and zest for life (which food is a big part of!) continually inspire me and make me grateful to have her in my life. Bhavini and I have wanted to do some sort of collaboration for a long time and I am so excited to announce that she has agreed to do a guest post for me - and it's a great brunch recipe just in time for the weekend!

This was one of my favorite breakfast foods when I visited my husband's hometown in Maharashtra, India, where it is a common dish. I can still feel myself sitting at the dining table in his aunt's house, windows open to a view of lush tropical plants, the songs of exotic birds and the aroma of spices filling the air. I sat soaking it all in, eating this mystery dish wondering what exactly it was made from and enjoying every single bite. In my husband's language, Marathi, poha is called pohe. This dish will take your taste buds on a journey to India.

My beautiful (inside and out) friend Bhavini

Here is Bhavini's post:

Batata Poha (Pohe)

This recipe is usually served during breakfast, but my hubby likes it so much that I sometimes make it even for lunch or dinner. It goes great with a hot cup of Coffee or Tea. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family and friends enjoy it!!

Serves: 3-4

2 Cups poha (flattened rice), available at Indian grocery stores
1⁄2 tsp turmeric powder
3⁄4th tsp mustard seeds
3⁄4th tsp cumin seeds
2 tbsp peanuts
1 or 2 green chilies (Per your taste)
1 medium potato (Batata), chopped into small cubes (keep it in water to prevent it from oxidizing)
1 medium onion finely chopped
8 to 9 curry leaves
1 tbsp chopped Cilantro leaves
2 to 2.5 Tbsp oil
sugar to taste (Optional)
Lime/lemon wedges
salt per taste

1. First take the poha in a strainer and keep it under running water for about a minute or two. Rinse it very gently and not too much or else it can become mushy.

2. Once all the water has drained out, transfer it into a bowl while you cook the rest of the ingredients.
Making Vegetarian Vegan Batata / Potato Poha Indian Breakfast
Moistened Poha

3. If you feel the poha is not soft and has dried out you can sprinkle a few drops of water.

4. In a pan, add the oil and fry the peanuts till they become a little brown and crunchy. Transfer into a small bowl and keep aside.
Frying Peanuts for Batata / Potato Poha Vegetarian / Vegan Indian Breakfast
Fry peanuts 

5. Now in the same oil add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and, once they start spluttering, add chopped onions, curry leaves, green chillies and turmeric and stir all the ingredients.
Saute onions for Vegetarian Vegan Batata / Potato Poha Indian Breakfast
Sauté spices and onions 

6. Now add peeled chopped potatoes, salt and stir and keep it at medium heat. Cover the pot with the lid until potatoes are cooked. Make sure to stir in between to make sure potatoes have not burned.
Before Picture: Adding Potatoes to Vegetarian Vegan Batata / Potato Poha Indian Breakfast

After Picture: Cooking Potatoes for Batata Poha / Pohe Vegetarian Vegan Batata / Potato Poha Indian Breakfast

7. Once potatoes are cooked, add the Poha (Flat rice) and mix gently with the rest of the potatoes mixture.
Vegetarian Vegan Batata / Potato Poha Indian Breakfast
Add poha and mix

8. If required add more salt and optional sugar.

9. Now switch off the flame and cover the pan again just for a minute or so for poha to get steamed for a few minutes.

10. Remove the lid and garnish the poha with chopped cilantro leaves, peanuts, some chopped onions and lime wedges.
Vegetarian Vegan Batata / Potato Poha Indian Breakfast
Finished Batata Poha


  1. Looks delicious; what a fantastic guest post! :)

  2. Wowzers I love and sound of this dish - I can almost taste it. Great guest post

    1. Thanks Jasmine! It's one of my faves!

  3. Thank you for sharing your friend’s lovely dish and the helpful step by step photos! I would eat this for breakfast…looks and smells delicious!