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Buddy's Tuscan Vegan Pizza Vegetarian Detroit
Buddy's Tuscan Vegan Pizza
Buddy's is one of the most celebrated pizza places in the Metro Detroit area. "One of the top 25 pizza spots in the U.S." according to Food & Wine and recognized as "one of the nation's best 5 pizza places . . ." by the Food Network, Buddy's pizza has won it's share of awards and accolades. Buddy's has had a vegan cheese option for a little while now, but has recently stepped up their game by offering a signature 'Tuscan Vegan Pizza.'

Buddy's Tuscan Vegan Pizza has daiya cheese, cannellini beans, parsley, oregano and garlic on Buddy's multi-grain crust with tomato basil sauce. It's drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and served with a lemon wedge. I thought that squeezing fresh lemon juice on this pizza would not make a big difference, but boy was I wrong. Once I had a bite with fresh lemon, I could not go back. The toppings work very well together and I absolutely love that the pizza has the whole-food, plant-powered protein (and vitamins) of beans. Beans are an excellent protein source on their own, but combined with the plant-based protein power of the multi-grain crust, you get an even better proportion of the various essential amino acids that make up proteins in the human body. If you're not a fan of daiya cheese (though most vegans are), I believe that this pizza would taste great with no cheese at all.

The Tuscan Vegan Pizza may not show up on the menu, but there was a poster advertising it right on the counter at my local Buddy's Pizza, and when I inquired at other Buddy's locations, they knew what I was talking about when I mentioned the Tuscan Vegan Pizza.

One of the great things about this new offering at Buddy's is that it opens up the vegan food options for Metro Detroiters who may sometimes feel they are in a 'Vegan Food Desert' as they travel through certain neighborhoods or parts of the city. Buddy's has locations throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area and you are likely to find one within driving distance of wherever you happen to find yourself.

Buddy's Pizza Box Detroit Awards Vegan Vegetarian
Buddy's Pizza is probably the most celebrated pizza in Detroit

Buddy's Pizza Tuscan Vegan Pizza Vegetarian Detroit
Buddy's Pizza Tuscan Vegan Pizza with light cheese


  1. I never knew Buddy's offered this. It sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Drools, I haven't had vegan pizza for awhile and need this!