Chewy wants my Amy's Veggie Loaf

Sunday, September 28, 2014 , , , 7 Comments

When I'm staying away from home (as I am now), I like to grab some Amy's frozen meals because they can be eaten anywhere there is a microwave. One of my old favorites when I was a vegetarian was the Amy's Veggie Loaf. Luckily, now it's vegan and just as yummy! The aroma of this veggie loaf drew in several of the nine animals I am pet sitting right now, but none of them were more interested than this beautiful kitty.

Sizing up his prey.

After making his way around the plant, he is trying to hide while stalking the Veggie Loaf.

Peeking around the box.

Moving in a little closer.

Preparing to make his move.

Attempting to grab my Amy's Veggie Loaf Meal.