Super Easy Salsa Verde & Burritos

I was originally going to make a nice, hearty stew today because we've had some chilly nights (and days), but then I checked the weather and saw that it was going to be 97 degrees F (36 C)!! In three short days the high temperature will be 60 F (15.5C) with a low of 46F (8 C). This is Michigan for you, I guess. Anyway, it was WAY too hot for me to cook or eat hot food today so I had to find a no cook dinner.

I decided to make some super easy burritos with salsa verde. I've never made anything with tomatillos before so I didn't even know if I'd like it, but I thought it tasted fresh and delicious. Alone, I thought it could use some more salt, but it was perfect with the chips.

Salsa Verde

This Salsa Verde recipe is from Food Network. It is very easy and requires only a few ingredients. There were two versions on the show, but I made the raw version. I just put these items in the blender, then mixed it with chopped onion and salt. Click here for the recipe.


To make the meal complete (though I really could have eaten just the salsa verde and tortilla chips), I put together some simple burritos.

Burrito with Salsa Verde

organic tortillas
vegetarian refried beans (sub black beans if you don't like these)
shredded lettuce
salsa verde
halved cherry tomatoes
hot sauce

Usually I add sauteed or grilled vegetables to these, but it was seriously just too hot for that. I know a lot of people can handle heat, but I am certainly not one of them. 

Update on Buddy: He has now been off his medicine for a couple of days and seems to be doing fine, but as I write this he is crying for no apparent reason. I'm hoping there's just a squirrel outside that I can't see.


  1. Oh wow, that's some temperature change! I never had tomatillos before. I hope Buddy's back on track soon.

  2. Wow, 97 degrees in Michigan? I spent a few days in Michigan as a kid with family friends, and I do recall it was pretty hot. I love easy burritos, especially quesadillas! May I ask who is Buddy? I might have to read your earlier posts. I hope Buddy is okay, wishing him a full recovery!

    1. I would say 97 degrees in September is a little unusual here, but big temperature fluctuations on occasion are not. Buddy is the dog we share with my mom. He thanks you for your well wishes!

  3. It has been way to hot here in Michigan. I am really looking forward to the cooler weather. I love using tomatillos, especially in salsa verde. What a great idea for an easy dinner!