Toast with Almond Butter & Orange Marmalade

I woke up super hungry this lovely Monday morning to realize that we were so busy having fun all weekend we didn't have time to get groceries! A few slices of veganic lentil grain toast, some fresh ground almond butter, a mini orange marmalade jar from our travels, a couple of clementines and some green tea saved the day! This is a very simple, easy breakfast that you can even take on the run. It kept me going strong for a long time.

Where to Find: This bread is from One Degree Organics. It's my husband's new favorite bread (and he LOVES bread)! If you happen to be in the Detroit area, it is available at Plum Market. The almond butter I ground myself at the Whole Foods market in Rochester Hills, MI. I have also seen these machines at the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor.

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