Saramago Cafe Glasgow, Scotland

Before traveling, I usually like to research a few places where we can get good vegan food. Saramago Café Bar is one restaurant I found within walking distance of our hotel in Glasgow! When I saw vegan haggis on the menu, I knew we had to give it a try! The restaurant is hidden inside the Contemporary Centre of Arts, along a pedestrian street with a lot of shopping and restaurants. It's not obvious that it's an all vegan restaurant (they don't market or brand themselves that way like many vegan restaurants do), but it is all vegan nonetheless. We ate here several times and found the food to be innovative, healthy and yummy. My mom's favorites were the soups. Being lovers of spicy food, we found the food in Scotland to be, dare I say, a bit bland. This restaurant was by far more innovative and flavorful than anything else we had in Scotland. I wish I could go back again!

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