Banana Nice Cream

I was never really a big ice cream person.  I liked ice cream from time to time, but I don't remember having many cravings for it really.  However, when I became vegan I probably actually started liking ice cream more.  There were so many delicious flavors to try and it seemed to taste better when made with coconut milk, rice milk or soy milk.  Perhaps I was just excited to find out that despite what I had previously believed, there was an easy and delicious substitution. 

But, again, sadly I had to try to eliminate the packaged vegan ice cream from my diet when I decided to attempt to cut out sugar. :-(  That's probably when I really began wanting ice cream, knowing that I couldn't have it.  Much to my surprise, however, I found an ice cream I could eat at a local raw restaurant and I fell in love.  Now, if only I could recreate it (or something like it) at home. . . then one day, hurray! I found a recipe on the Whole Foods Market website.  I know that this is slightly different than the one at the local raw restaurant, but it is so delicious, I can have it in an instant (even when they are closed!) and it's cheap to make.  Plus, it puts those over ripe bananas to good use.

Whole Foods put a nice how-to video on youtube too. :-) When I watched this video, I thought that the 'nice cream' seemed a little too liquidy for my liking, so I put less non-dairy milk and an extra frozen banana (what would I do with that one lonely, left out banana anyway!?)
Since I made this, I have been craving it EVERY DAY - seriously.  I even ran into a psychic yesterday and she said she saw ice cream all around me.  She said, in fact, that she saw me dipped in ice cream.  I almost burst out laughing.  I had been thinking about this ice cream just before she said it.

So here's the recipe.  Feel free to play around with it.  Try almond milk, coconut milk for a super rich treat or any other non-dairy milk.  And, my advice is to add the non-dairy milk a little at a time to get your desired consistency.



  1. Wow, this recipe is super easy and so yummy :))!! I can't wait to learn even more unique and tasty recipes from this cutting edge blog❤!

  2. Thanks so much GT! You are too kind! Glad you enjoy it!